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Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Center(CEAEC) at Tongji University

The Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Center of Tongji University (CEAEC) was founded in 2002 and is located on the Jiading Campus of Tongji University in Shanghai. As an important part of Shanghai International Automobile City, the Jiading Campus of Tongji University is an interdisciplinary network for modern development with a focus on road and rail vehicles, in which vehicle technology plays an important role. CEAEC has received numerous awards, including the National Fuel Cell Vehicle & Powertrain System Research & Engineering Center of MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology of PR China), National Engineering Laboratory of Clean Energy Vehicle & Powertrain System of the National Development and Reform Commission, Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, National Center for International Research, Sino-German Joint Research Center of Electric Vehicle. The CEAEC is responsible for the cooperation between Tongji University and the IPEK – Institute for Product Engineering in the MorEH2 project.

On the operational level, the IPEK cooperates closly with the the Institute of Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology (IFCVT). The IFCVT is a research group in Tongji University focusing on fuel cell vehicle drive systems and key technologies for fuel cell systems, has many years of experience in fuel cell system and fuel cell vehicle drive system development. They provide project experience and test resources for the project in the field of fuel cell system and fuel cell vehicle drive system.

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