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The IPEK - Institute for Product Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The IPEK - Institute for Product Engineering is a research institute at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and specializes in research on systems, methods and processes of
product engineering. In this environment, the IPEK conducts research on the holistic description of product engineering processes (PEP) on the basis of research on actual systems,
including drive system technology and mechatronics. Isolated method and process research is not promising, for this reason, methods and processes at the IPEK are always developed
in interdisciplinary projects, cooperations and networks. In addition to technically oriented demonstrator development, the focus is on deriving generalizable procedures such as methods
and processes.

The IPEK thus sees itself as a centre of scientific product development and innovation with a focus on propulsion systems and mobility. The research is divided into the following fields,
which correspond to the core competence portfolio:

  • Validation of technical systems
  •  Drive systems
  • NVH and (vehicle) acoustics
  • Development and innovation management
  • Clutches and brakes in drive systems
  • Design-Function-Coherences in Construction
  • Lightweight construction
  • Product generation engineering
  • Power tools
  • Tribological Systems

The IPEK researches and develops methods and processes of product engineering as well as their evaluation on real systems and their excellent mediation in teaching and further

With a team of more than 65 academic employees, the IPEK is the research and development partner of numerous industrial customers from the automotive industry and mechanical
engineering in bilateral research projects as well as collaborative research projects. The IPEK cooperated with the CEAEC of the Tongji University in Shanghai and researched together
with the Chinese partner a basic understanding of development methods and processes as well as validation, evaluation and optimization of electrified drive systems.

In the field of drive systems and in particular their validation, the IPEK is currently working on research topics with a focus on new validation methods and processes, new drive systems
and their evaluation with regard to energy efficiency, drivability and noise vibration harshness (NVH) as well as mobility concepts. The following list of publications provides a topic-
specific breakdown of the research priorities carried out at the IPEK.

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