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Prof. Dr. Knoll Alois is head of the Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Embedded systems belonging to the Department of Informatics at Technical University of Munich. His research interests include cognitive, medical and sensor-based robotics, multi-agent systems, data fusion, adaptive systems, multimedia information retrieval, model-driven development of embedded systems with applications to automotive software and electric transportation, as well as simulation systems for robotics and traffic. In these fields, he has published over 600 technical papers and guest-edited international journals. He has participated in (and has coordinated) several large scale national collaborative research projects (funded by the EU's DG Research, the DFG, the German Ministries for Economy Affairs and of Education and Research, the DAAD, the Ministry for Research of the state of North-Rhine-Westphalia).

Dr. Oliver Schneider is the leader of the Electrochemical Research Group, which belongs to the Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems. The group is carrying out research at the interface between Materials Science and Electrochemistry. One focus is on Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage. This concerns fundamental studies on the mechanism of electrochemical processes in electrochemical energy conversion, like the formation of the solid-electrolyte interface in battery materials, actual ion insertion processes in materials, and particle size and strain effects in catalyst materials, the development and synthesis of materials for electrochemical energy storage and conversion, using chemical, electrochemical and sono(electro)chemical techniques, and aspects of battery management. A second major focus lies on the electrochemical deposition of metals, especially refractory metals, from ionic liquids. Dr. Schneider has participated in several European, BMBF and DFG funded projects, coordinated the FCH JU project “CathCat” and coordinates the BMBF project “GALACTIF”.

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