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DIN is one of the world's leading organizations for standardization. More than 30,000 experts from industry, research,consumers and the public sector come together at DIN to develop market-driven norms and standards that enable worldtrade and promote innovation, ensure efficiency and quality and protect society and the environment. The spectrum of topics
covered by DIN ranges from acoustics to sports equipment, water management and space travel; it also includes megatopics such as Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities. While the external experts contribute their expertise, the DIN project managers ensure a smooth development process. They coordinate national, European and international projects and ensure that all regulations are complied with which also help DIN standards to achieve a high level of acceptance internationally. DIN is privately organized and has the status of a registered association. The DIN members are companies, associations, authorities and other institutions from industry, commerce, trade and science. DIN is based in Berlin.

As part of the work of the German-Chinese Commission for Cooperation in Standardization and the German-Chinese Working Group on Electromobility, which operates under the auspices of the German-Chinese Commission, DIN has maintained an intensive exchange on a strategic and technical level on issues of standardization and electromobility since 2011. The resulting network and the associated experience can be integrated into the project as needed.

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